Silent Hill Fondo de Pantalla

Silent Hill, finally on the big screen



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Silent Hill, one of the most awaited cinematographic productions for videogame fans arrives on the screens worldwide.

This psychological thriller broke the PlayStation trends combining in an incredible way first-person action provided by classics like Resident Evil with psychological terror which had such good results in the cinemas.

Silent Hill arrives on the big screen thanks to Sony Pictures with the firm intention of turning into the best adaption of a videogame done until now.

Rose, alarmed by the continuous nightmares affecting her daughter, decides to take little Sharon to the strange place that constantly appears in her dreams: Silent Hill. Just before arriving in the town, a car accident in which Sharon disappears will take Rose on a desperate search for her daughter through the mysterious streets of a place where reality turns into nightmare.

Welcome to Silent Hill.

This screen background is 1024x768, if you need a different size or you want another design, you will be able to find it on the official Website.

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